As a capstone project for the Carnegie Mellon HCI Masters degree, I worked in a team of six to do research, design, and prototyping for a Portuguese client company, Collab, over the span of one year. As a team, we were asked to investigate the conversations that people have in social media, how they affect consumer behavior, and the ways that companies can expose themselves on social media. Based on the results of a spring semester research phase, we designed and prototyped RetailDetail, a tool to allow people to benefit from friends' expertise in researching purchasing decisions.

I acted as the Web and Documentation lead for the group, working to ensure that research and design process and findings were documented for inclusion in a final summary report for both our research and design phase. In addition to this, I worked with the rest of the team conducting research and developing our final functional prototype using HTML, Javascript, CSS, and PHP.


Collab / Novabase


January 2011 - December 2011


Web and Documentation Lead